Jewelry Folding Showcase Cases With Upward Lift

Our Upward Lift Elevator Showcase Cases have the feature of being foldable. It is manufactured to be resistant to impacts and high pressures.
Our cases are guaranteed for 5 years despite all kinds of manufacturing defects.
The vibration ratio of these cases, which can be folded, from the mechanical parts is 0.
All the products in your showcase are never shaken at the ups and downs of the elevator chassis.
Our products are safe thanks to the elevator showcase.

These safes that we make are produced 100% in accordance with your workplace.
Elevator showcase safes never work without opening lock systems.
The aesthetic appearance of your workplace never deteriorates after assembly of elevator showcase cases.
Security is the first priority.

It is recommended for workplaces that do not have a complete Showcase case and a downward showcase case and shop height of 310 cm.
The shelves are folded out into the safe that is fixed in the building.
Installation time is about 24 hours.

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